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In this video we talk about the different freestyle and street football shoe models to help you find the right shoe:

In this video we talk about the new black knit model in more details:

We have got a lot of question about the new Explore II freestyle and street football shoes. We hope this video will answer most of them! If not, don´t hesitate to get in touch:)

In this video we take you through the Control balls features. Maybe this is the ball for you.

Order the ball here:

We are very proud to announce our new partner, XXL Sport.

Finally we are moving freestyle football gear in to stores. You can now buy our new balls and laces with grip in stores all around Scandinavia and online.

This is a big step and allows freestylers to go to their...

The second ball to be revealed is the STYLE ball. It´s now back after two years off the market. It was our most popular ball back in 2014, and with the new improvements we believe it will be as popular as the previous version.

Check the ball out here

The STYLE ball is ma...

The second video of our Explore concept is live. Explore your style and the world at the same time with the new freestyle football shoes.

Pre-order them here

The new and improved Crisp t-shirts are now available.


We are always working on new improvements, and your feedback is very important for us! The new Crisp t-shirts are made out of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They are pre washed so they will not shrink when washing it....

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