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IN our latest video we talk about the new Control ball v2 and the updates from version 1.

The new version of the Control ball is here. Our top freestyle ball is now improved and updated with the new control ball stamp as well as the new World Freestyle Football Association logo. The Control ball version 2 has improved grip compared to version 1 and comes in...

In this video we take you through the Control balls features. Maybe this is the ball for you.

Order the ball here:

The Control ball is a top quality match football. Most freestylers today do use normal balls original made for football. That is why we have created a top quality ball specially for football freestylers. It´s laminated and got an outer layer of PU leather with texture....

In this video we talk about the STYLE ball and its features.

Buy the ball here.

If you want to know what this ball is about and what type of freestyle it´s made for then watch this video

Also make sure to watch the ball in action here:

The new Grip Camo ball is an improved version of the previous classic white and black model. To learn more about the new features and how this ball is better, check out this informational video:

The first out of our 3 new football freestyle balls is the Grip camouflage ball. It´s an improved version of our previous classic Grip ball. 

We have improved it and made it stand out more!

The Grip camouflage ball is made out of rubber and have a good grip and soft touc...

What ball to choose, what are the best shoes for freestyle? Probably the two most asked questions by freestylers! 

When 4Freestyle was created back in 2012 our first mission was to develop the perfect ball for all freestylers. We quickly realise that there is no su...

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