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We have got a lot of request to make the Explore shoe in different colors. As well as different materials. We always listen to the freestylers, and have designed a new shoe made out of knitted fabric in black with hints of grey.

They are almost the same as the Explore...

We have got a lot of question about the new Explore II freestyle and street football shoes. We hope this video will answer most of them! If not, don´t hesitate to get in touch:)

We just restocked the shoes and have all sizes available. After launching the shoes earlier this August we now finally got the full production in stock. Read more about the shoes here

Place your order today and we will ship it out the same or the next day!

4Freestyle E...

There has been a huge demand for the shoes, and we just received the first delivery. The pre-orders has been shipped out and we are now curious to know your thoughts about the shoes. Together with you we want to develop and create the best possible gear for our sport,...

The second video of our Explore concept is live. Explore your style and the world at the same time with the new freestyle football shoes.

Pre-order them here

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